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Alcohol: More Dangerous than Heroin

The latest study out from London researchers is that alcohol rehabilitation is just as important to take  seriously as heroin rehab….because the research has shown that alcohol is “more dangerous than illegal drugs like heroin” British scientists say.  The study evaluated a number of substances including alcohol, cocaine, heroin and marijuana to see how detrimental they are to the individual consuming them and society as a whole.

Alcohol took the lead for the drug that is the most destructive to a person’s health and also was at the top of the list for being the most environmentally damaging because of its ability to break up relationships and all the costs that alcohol brings with it (health care needs, social services and of course incarceration).

The study was funded by Britain’s Centre for Crime and Justice Studies.  The researchers reported that alcohol scored so highly because it was the most widely used drug.  When alcohol is consumed in excess, all of the vital organ systems feel the pressure.  The death rates related to alcohol are higher than the other drugs and it is linked to more crime than heroin.  This is obviously because of its legality and the ease and cost to access alcohol.  However, the experts agree this should not lead to thoughts of prohibition.  They were quoted saying “it would be impractical to outlaw alcohol.”

There are many legal substances that people become addicted to.  Banning them will make very little difference. When someone has an addiction, they need to seek help.  Vista Taos Renewal Center provides alcohol rehabilitation and works with patients who suffer from the chronic need to consume alcohol in excess.  It is a disease…and there are treatments.  Located in Vista Taos, New Mexico, this rehabilitation center can open new doors for anyone willing to travel to a peaceful new beginning.  Whether you’re from the area or coming from Texas: Vista Taos’ doors are open to you.

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