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Alcohol Consumption Rises at Airports and Flights

Airports are changing the way they handle alcohol sales. Some are now selling alcohol at all hours of the day. Wine tastings are readily available for passengers who have some layover time to kill and the revenue for the airlines and airports are soaring. They’re marketing the sales of the alcohol products more than ever to boost income during a shaky economy. The airlines took a big hit during the recession and are still continuing to struggle financially.

However, some people are concerned about the access to alcohol in the airport and during flights. You run a risk when you have drunk passengers. With the new TSA rules for screenings, crowded airports and the all-around stress that goes with air travel, if you have someone who has had too much to drink, they can quickly become a problem. There is in increase in passengers being denied entry onto the plane because they are too intoxicated.

Alcohol can settle those pre-flight jitters if used in moderation, but sometimes people simply do not know their limit. Alcohol rehab is available through Vista Taos Rehabilitation Center for people looking to understand more about alcoholism and the treatments available for them or their loved one. It is a fact that alcohol is the most widely abused drug in America. It may be difficult for someone who is in need of rehab to admit or even understand that they need help. You don’t need to live in New Mexico to receive alcohol rehab treatment from them either, as they cater to anyone in need of treatment.

Alcohol is everywhere we look, dinners, weddings, reunions, concerts and even 30,000 feet in the air. With the help of alcohol rehab through Vista Taos, you can get the treatment you need and learn to live a life where alcohol may exist, but you can face temptation with success.

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