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Albuquerque New Mexico Police Shoot Man During Drug Dispute

Albuquerque Police are saying the shooting that involved an officer on Thursday, April 26, 2012 came because of an ongoing drug dispute. The suspect in question had an assault rifle pointed at police. The man that was shot had spent time in prison because of a lengthy record of drug addiction and battery charges. He had been out of jail a total of three days.

No names are being released at this time, but the public was told the man was shot by the officer three times in the stomach and was in surgery that same day. The condition at this point is unknown. Families and community activists are now trying to convince higher authorities that a federal investigation should be held over the incident. In the past few years, APD has shot 24 people, with 17 of the shootings being fatal.

It’s sad to see how drugs can take a person and turn them into a criminal. This man was only out of jail for three days before problems started. Drug addiction is not cured with prison time: it is cured with expert treatment and care from a reputable rehabilitation facility. The substance abuse problems do not go away on their own, or when someone sits in jail. The body may be rid of the drug addiction but the mind still wants to feed the habit. So many cases of New Mexico drug addiction end poorly when the person is forced to ‘rehabilitate’ while serving jail time.

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