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ADHD Medication in Short Supply

Hundreds of children and adults in need of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) prescription medication have been unable to fill  them recently. Pharmacies across the nation are in short supply of the generic form of ADHD pills, the name brand of which are called Ritalin and Adderall.

This shortage is due in part to the drugs’ manufacturers trying to limit the supply of generic brands to maximize their profits in sales of the name-brand drugs. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is also to blame; the DEA must set limits on the numbers of drugs that each manufacturer may produce, in an effort to decrease the potential for misuse among adults and particularly among college students.

College students have taken to snorting the ADHD medications because when non-ADHD adults take ADHD medication, the pills often have the completely opposite effect from their intended treatment. Instead of becoming calmer from the drug, non-ADHD adults can become hyperactive, which can result in an almost super-human ability to accomplish tasks. For the college crowd, this hyperactivity can help them study – often late into the night with cram sessions before big tests.  

For the DEA, the increase in the prescription pill misuse is difficult to control. The agency estimates that one in four adults who receive ADHD prescriptions may be faking symptoms. Once the non-ADHD adults have the prescription, they can abuse the pills themselves or sell them on the black market.

Unfortunately, the abuse of ADHD medication and the subsequent shortage of generic brands could continue for a while until the DEA can better police the misuse. Eventually, the DEA may be able to crack down on black market rings, but until then, users who need prescription pill treatment will have to seek centers like Vista Taos for assistance.

Reports are readily available with statistics to show that students who abuse these drugs in the name of getting better grades are actually doing worse in school before they starting using. There is no positive side to abusing ADHD medication. Don’t start. If you’ve already started, get help.

If you or someone you love is in need of prescription pill treatment, please seek out the assistance of a prescription pill treatment center  like Vista Taos Renewal Center.  Their expert staff can talk to you about their programs for prescription drug addiction; get the help you need before it destroys your life.

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