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Addiction Symptoms to Look for

Many of us have known or still know someone who has a problem with addiction.  When we truly care about these people, we want to help them.  We may not be sure the road to take to get them the help they need, but know that offering to be there through their recovery is a good start.  Do you know the warning signs of someone who may have a drug problem?  There are addiction symptoms to look for.

In the recent news, famous Disney-made celebrity Miley Cirus was caught on video smoking a substance from a bong.  The substance turned out to be Salvia, which is similar to marijuana but legal to have in the state of California.  She has said the experience was “no big deal” but can these actions and lifestyle choices be the start of abuse problems for the Hannah Montana star?  It’s very possible.  Let’s take a look at some very easy to spot addiction symptoms you can use as a guide to analyze the possibility that someone you care about may be abusing drugs or alcohol.

  • The person is having a hard time meeting their requirements in life.  This can be at work, school or even at home. 
  • Having difficulties with their finances.  Maybe their addiction is costly or perhaps they’re so involved in their addictions they are often forgetting to pay bills.
  • The person becomes very withdrawn.  They often want a lot of time alone and demand privacy.  They may lock doors or retreat to a quieter location.
  • Has a history of addiction problems with them or with their family.

Does this sound like someone you know?  Getting them the proper help they need to become sober is important because they most likely will not attempt it on their own.  Even after addicts get in trouble with the law or have health issues or emergency room visits because of their habit, the often continue using.  Vista Taos Renewal Center is located in Taos, New Mexico.  Contacting them on behalf of a loved one will lead you to resources that you can apply to get them the help they need.  In a relaxing, non-medical atmosphere, patients receive expert care around the clock and are treated with respect and given hope.  It is the season of giving.  Help that special person in your life come to terms with their addiction and get better with the help of Vista Taos.

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