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Addiction Can Mean More Than Just a Dependence on Drugs or Alcohol.

Addictions to substances—like alcohol, recreational drugs, or prescription medications—are widely recognized by society and the medical community as genuine medical problems that require specialized treatment. But in recent years, a number of behavioral addictions have started to become well-known. For example, sex addiction was made famous by celebrities like David Duchovny and Tiger Woods, and Internet addiction is widely discussed in the media and everyday conversation. Who hasn’t heard someone profess to have a “Facebook addiction,” or something similar?

Are these behavioral addictions the real thing? Is sex addiction as legitimate a problem as cocaine addiction? Opinions vary, but science is beginning to provide evidence that addictions can go beyond drugs and alcohol. Gambling addiction has been recognized as a diagnosable disorder for some time, and recent studies show that even behaviors like eating junk food and tanning can be addictive.

It is not uncommon for people with an addiction to one substance or behavior to have other addiction problems as well. Vista Taos is uniquely suited to treat people with multiple addiction issues—including those who are struggling with addictive behaviors—thanks to our commitment to providing every client with an individualized, multidimensional treatment program that focuses on healing the individual as a whole.

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