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Acupuncture as Part of a Residential Treatment Program

Acupuncture has been a medical practice in the Eastern world for thousands of years.  The intent of practicing acupuncture is to promote general wellness.  However, many who suffer from chronic pain /or recovery from prescription pain pill addiction seek acupuncture to provide relief.  While appearing unusual and “new wave” to some, there are many who rely on this ancient therapy to make them well.  Somehow, the insertion of tiny needles into the human body is making great strides in the alternative medicine community. 

Acupuncture can provide stress relief to those who are enrolled in a residential addiction treatment program.  Vista Taos Renewal Center is one of those places that believe in combining alternative medicines with a strong support system and trained staff.  Vista Taos has an on-site acupuncturist licensed to treat patients with this alternative therapy.  Acupuncture can help patients at this New Mexico residential treatment program by relieving the symptoms associated with withdrawal from drugs and alcohol.  This can be relief from:

Muscle Cramping and Spasms
Stress and Anxiety Associated with Withdrawal

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and ready to receive the help of experts, consider starting the healing process in Taos, New Mexico at Vista Taos Renewal Center.  Learn more about how acupuncture combined with a residential addiction treatment program can help achieve long term sobriety.

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