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Abusing the Medication Meant to Help

One of the most highly addictive drugs being used in the United States at this time is Heroin. Stories told by past users usually always start out with explaining their instant addiction after only trying it one time. Heroin addiction is so extreme that a pharmaceutical medication, Suboxone, was created to help heroin addiction users wean themselves off of heroin dependence and lead a drug-free life.

But the drug created to help users kick their heroin addiction is now being used as another source of getting high. Suboxone is being sold on the streets for anywhere from $15 to $25 a pill. The scariest part is those getting caught with the drugs are only getting a slap on the wrist since it is only misdemeanor crime at this point. Heroin addicts are now able to shift from shooting up to popping a pill to get high and they are misusing a prescription meant to help them quit using heroin. However, this pill can be broken down and injected to elevate the effects.

This medication was originally intended to block the effects of opiates while reducing opiate cravings and easing withdrawal symptoms. Unfortunately, it is now being abused much like the US has seen in previous years with the drug, Methadone. The abuse of this drug is popping up all over the United States and most recently in large numbers in Houston, Texas.

If you are taking Suboxone, it is very important to follow all directions given by your doctor to help curb your addiction instead of increasing it, and to make sure you are not causing internal damage to your body through misuse. If you or someone you know is in need of a heroin addiction rehab center or an addicted to Suboxone, contact Vista Taos Renewal Center today and get the help you need to lead a healthy drug-free life. Vista Taos is located relatively close to Texas, meaning that expert help is just a short trip away.

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