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Abuse of Hydrocodone in the Nation Rises at Alarming Rates

Many health and drug agencies in the United States are doing their best to warn people about the dangers of prescription drug abuse. Vicodin addiction, in particular, has almost tripled since 2001.  Reported police seizures of hydrocodone pills are coming in second to the amount being confiscated containing OxyContin.  According to a study by the National Institutes of Health, 8% of surveyed 18 year olds still attending high schools have abused Vicodin within the past year.

Many people who suffer from Vicodin addiction do not know the specific risks involved with the drug. They may realize that too much of the drug can cause a fatal overdose, as 910 people in the state of Florida in the past year died because of a narcotic overdose. But they may not be aware of the other risks. Vicodin, when used for its stated and prescribed purpose, is a safe and effective way to treat moderate pain. It’s widely used to treat people who have suffered broken bones or had surgery. It is a blended drug, meaning that hydrocodone is not the only ingredient in pill. It contains a moderate level of acetaminophen. Many people know acetaminophen by its brand name: Tylenol. When these two drugs are combined together, they make the pain pill more effective at doing its job. The problem is: acetaminophen can be risky with long-term use.

Stopping Vicodin addiction as soon as possible means you can give your body a chance to heal. Vista Taos Renewal Center is a drug treatment facility located in Taos, New Mexico. Staffed with experts in the field of substance abuse, they can work with you to break the cycle of addiction. Years of Vicodin addiction can cause severe damage to your liver. There will become a point where the damage is beyond repair. Your body deserves better than to suffer degeneration because of Vicodin addiction. Please let Vista Taos educate you more about narcotic substance abuse and get you on the road to recovery. Visit www.VistaTaos.com to learn more.

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