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A Simple Guide to Finding Inner Peace

Life can move at a breakneck pace, leaving you feeling anxious, worried and chronically stressed. Between juggling your daily responsibilities and staying informed with the news, it can be challenging to be present, stay calm and focus on the positives. One way to accomplish these goals is by finding inner peace – a state of relaxation you can reach for and attain, no matter what chaos surrounds you. 

Attaining inner peace allows you to be more emotionally resilient in an unpredictable world. It will make you a happier, more content and grateful person. If you’re striving to eliminate negativity from your thoughts and embrace optimism, consider these top four tips for finding inner peace.

1. Set Boundaries

Do you feel as if people take advantage of you because it’s challenging for you to say no? It is not rude or selfish to limit others’ access to your time and energy, so if you get easily overwhelmed or have run out of “spoons,” it’s OK for you to establish and enforce sensible boundaries.

2. Take Mental Health Breaks

The U.S. is one of the world’s most overworked countries, and many workplace cultures still emphasize the outdated concept that working harder than other people is a leading sign of a dedicated employee. However, this mentality can rapidly lead to employee burnout due to a lack of work-life balance. A growing body of evidence suggests that rest is beneficial for productivity, and that taking time away from work helps people press a mental reset button and return to their task list refreshed and reinvigorated. Normalize the idea of not responding to work emails or text messages at night, over the weekends or on vacation. 

3. Practice Self-Love

Many of us have a harsh inner critic who dominates our thoughts and makes us feel like we’re not good enough. If you’ve habitually been a perfectionist who chides yourself over every tiny mistake, reframe your thinking so you can begin to welcome mistakes as learning opportunities. Recognize that nobody has all the answers, and that it’s OK to forgive yourself.

4. Reduce Screen Time

While technology can help you stay connected, it can also be a distraction that disrupts your inner peace. By setting limits on your screen time, you can be more focused on the present moment. You may wish to declare specific hours of each day a “no-phone zone.” For example, screen use while eating can lead you to mindlessly consume more calories, which compounds this unhealthy habit. 

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