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A Pill that Offers Hope to Alcoholics

Alcoholism is a prevalent problem all over the United States.  Despite laws and regulations put in place to deter sales and aid against drunk driving, people continue to abuse alcohol more than any other drug.  In the state of Oklahoma, a refrigeration ban is in place.  You cannot purchase an alcoholic product with 3.2% or more  alcohol in it unless it is at room temperature.  A smart law put into place to help deter drunk driving, but offers very little assistance for keeping Oklahoma alcoholics away from their addiction.

Naltrexone is part of a new generation of pills that were created to help addicts fight their substance abuse.  It’s shown to be working very well with alcohol addiction.  Can a pill alone close the doors on all the Oklahoma rehab clinics, or the clinics in the rest of the country?  Not hardly, but it is a start in the right direction to helping people achieve sobriety.

This pill is in a class of drugs that block the reward system in a person’s brain.  When you feel no reward for your actions, the desire to consume fades away.  A representative of the National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse says this is indeed a “Prozac Moment.”  This means that when these anti-depressants first appeared on the market, it took people out of mental health facilities faster and got them back home, under the care of a physician as they continued taking the medication.

Not everyone can simply take a pill to cure their alcohol addiction.  In many cases, the person will skip the pill so that they can continue on with drinking.  Vista Taos Renewal Center can help people both medically and naturally work to achieve sobriety.  When you combine therapies, you get higher success rates.  But with these medications being approved by the FDA and making their way onto the market, many people may be able to shorten their stays at care centers and have an easier time feeling mentally and physically better as they go through the often dismal and draining detoxification process.  These medications are helpful, but often the roots of the alcohol addiction go deeper than what a pill can cure.

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