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A Mississippi Methamphetamine Bust Includes Sister of Famous Football Star

Brett Favre is no stranger to the news as of late but this time, it is his younger sister Brandi who has taken the spotlight. She and four other people were arrested after police discovered the group had been using the bathtub in a condo in Diamondhead, Mississippi to manufacture methamphetamine for distribution. They also found about nine grams of the drug already made. That amount has a street value of $150.00. Brandi Favre and the rest of the group were arrested and taken to a local hospital prior to being brought into the police station for booking.

Meth is such a dangerous drug. Not only is it a highly addictive drug that takes a serious toll on your health, it is incredibly dangerous to make. So often, we read that there were explosions as a result of a meth lab gone wrong. The damage can be severe and often times, children are injured. There have been measures taken at the pharmaceutical level to slow the sale of the main drug used in making meth: pseudoephedrine. Despite efforts to keep it out of the hands of those who misuse it, meth manufacturing still continues all over the United States.

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