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A Doctor-Patient Contract to Help Fight Pill Addiction

When pain goes on for months or is considered chronic, doctors often turn to opioids to help treat the pain. While there may not be an intention to misuse the drug, it often happens. It doesn’t take much to form a pain pill addiction from a small prescription given for good reason. In fact, it’s how many substance abuse issues like Vicodin addiction or Percocet addiction begin.

Sometimes painkillers are the best way to help a person cope, despite their dangerous side effects and high addiction rate. In 2007, about 12,000 died because of pill abuse. Those numbers are higher than deaths from cocaine and heroin, combined. Doctors want to treat patients properly, but need to protect themselves when patients start to self-medicate and mix drugs at dangerous levels. Some doctors have created something called a “Pain Contract.” It focuses on how the drugs can be taken safely with maximum health benefits. Depending on the heath care provider, the patient may have to give blood or urine samples to check intake levels and test for other drugs. It’s all in the name of trying to avoid pill abuse; it also means not sharing or selling them to others.

Some are not happy with this pill addiction clause. They feel it violates a patient’s right to privacy. However, doctors feel it is spreading awareness about the ease of sliding into pill addiction. How do people legally obtain enough pills to fuel their substance abuse issue? Often, they don’t. They turn to alternative sources to get their pills. Pharmaceuticals in Mexico are over the counter, and it’s a money maker for the drug runners to bring Oxycodone, morphine and other narcotic pills into the states to turn a huge profit. Big cities closer to the border like Austin and San Antonio, Texas have very easy access to pain pills, but other dangerous drugs as well.

Vista Taos Drug Addiction Center in New Mexico is ready to help those who need assistance with pain pill addiction. There are ways to enter sobriety with peace and comfort, not by a harsh detox and a sterile, cold environment. If you or a loved one needs help with pill abuse, please contact a counselor at Vista Taos today.

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