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75 Years of Sobriety: AA Celebrates Milestone Anniversary

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Alcoholics Anonymous, the fellowship of recovering alcoholics that has served as a model for 12 step programs found in alcohol rehab centers worldwide. Over the course of these 75 years, AA has expanded from its humble beginnings–the meeting of 2 alcoholics in 1935–to an estimated 2 million members in more than 75 countries. AA will be celebrating its 75th anniversary at its 2010 International Convention in Texas, a neighboring state to Vista Taos’ home in New Mexico.

AA’s growth and staying power make it clear that its approach to alcoholism treatment is both effective and necessary for many people. Like many alcohol rehab centers, Vista Taos’ holistic alcoholism treatment program draws upon several of the components that have made Alcoholics Anonymous a lasting success: 12 step programs, group therapy and social support, and spiritual growth and development.

In addition to learning from the rich history of Alcoholic’s Anonymous, Vista Taos embraces complementary therapies that have long been used to treat mental and physical illnesses, such as massage, acupuncture, yoga, and meditation. Our holistic alcoholism treatment program at Vista Taos is built on the best that addiction treatment has to offer, providing a more comprehensive treatment approach than many alcohol rehab centers and offering our clients the help they need to begin a successful recovery journey.

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